Letters received September – November 2011

Date: Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear AdoptaPlatoon,

I hope you can post this on your website!!!!!!!

I did want to express my most sincere appreciation to your company and to our supporters.  I can truly say that having used your website and been on your list has made all the difference in this deployment.  Receiving packages from home made and kept a connection that felt severed at time being here.  Through this past year our unit has made friendship with people and families that will endure well after we are home.  I just wanted to tell you that I personally responded and wrote back to everyone who mailed us a package, or at least I tried.  I wanted to make sure that the folks back home realize how much we appreciated being thought of and the overwhelming response we received.  It was one of the most pivotal actions for this deployment to receive packages and to feel that our Nation remembers their soldiers.  I can only say that we are committed to a purpose of freedom that is rooted very deep within of all American soldiers.  We can only pray that future generations will never know what it feels like to endure and see the tragedies of war, but I can say that we also have seen the positives as well…